Cathalson is an author of over 40+ publications. He is also a fiction developer for Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. / AntiMater Games and Big Farm Games. He is also an active podcaster of the LIMOR platform.


16 Years ago…I started on a journey to be an author. It has been an amazing journey filled with highs and lows. I have sold thousands of books and done books singings at over 400+ Comic / Media Conventions. I have even seen my book shelved and sold at major retailers for over 3+ years. All great accomplishments for an INIDE Author.

Yet the world of publishing is changing and I need to adapt with it. More and more readers are wanting content faster and easier to access. It became clear to me, while watching a cooking show online. That almost every living person has access to a smart phone. Even if they have no other modern conveniences. So I got to thinking…if I want more readers, then make my books more available. I also needed to get closer to my readers and share more experiences and thoughts with them. Major digital platforms are digital content mills driven by many factors. None of which are creative in anyway. I have a great relationship with my fans, and speak with many online.


  • I will regain my freedom and creative expression. While doing away with my present unwanted oversight by uncreative entities.

  • I will keep more of my own profits for my creative works and hours of effort to create them

  • I will have direct and unfiltered access to my readers and fans. This is something I enjoy.

  • I can release the stories I want...when I want.


  • Subscribing help "KEEP THE LIGHTS ON" writing is how I pay the bills. Your support here, keeps the content flowing.

  • Subscribers will gain access to my works both "Published" and "In The Works".

  • Subscribers will see my stories come to life before their eyes with each episode. Prepare yourself for edits and more edits. See how I do the creative work.

  • Subscribers have the chance to read and comment on my "Works In Progress". They will get the chance to read these stories to the end..first. (30) Days after the final episode drops on Substack. Completed stories are then published in a physical publication.

  • Subscribers will have access to signed copies, exclusive merchandise and more.


Much less than a single paperback novel.

  • 5.99 / Monthly

I also offer a discounted Yearly Plan

  • 60.00 / Yearly

I work hard to tell great stories and teach others about creative writing. Your support by subscribing keeps the bills paid and the life cared for.

I thank you for your support...

Stay Safe - Stay Well & Always Be Creative...




CATHALSON is an American novelist and Screenwriter, His best-known work is Grace Flynn, a fantasy novel he wrote and published in 2012.